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This is an image of one of Tina Williams Brewer's quilts on display at the Columbia Museum of Art. It focuses on symbolic human figures lined up in rows.

Tina Williams Brewer

Stories of Grace,
June 10 -September 3, 2023

Tina Williams Brewer, a West Virginia native, has a career spanning more than four decades, during which she has skillfully intertwined personal experiences, historical narratives, and vibrant textiles to create her signature story quilts. Her dynamic, hand-stitched pieces are often richly inspired by her extensive travels, including significant time on St. Helena Island in South Carolina. These inspirations infuse her work with diverse themes reflecting African diasporic history, spiritual connection, shared lineage, and migratory patterns.

"My intention is to give dignity to human suffering, finding rhythms that are both mind-stirring and soul-soothing."

- Tina Williams Brewer

A remarkable collection of her work, the "Stories of Grace" exhibition, can be appreciated at the Columbia Museum of Art through September 3, 2023. The museum's doors are open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM until 5 PM, extending their hours to 8 PM every Thursday. 


Born in 1949 in Huntington, West Virginia, Brewer now resides and creates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design, honing her unique artistic voice over 40 years. Her story quilts weave together symbolism, textiles, and an exploration of African-American history and spirituality, reflecting themes of generational healing and cultural resilience. 

Her work narrates stories, channeling ancestral wisdom. It expresses the profound joy of communal gathering, spiritual strength, the sting of racial prejudice, and the steps toward progress. Her art captures the tenacity of African American families and the light that elevates them. She aspires to bring honor to human suffering, finding rhythms that are thought provoking and comforting. 

This is a photo of an exhibition room of Tina Williams Brewer's work at the Columbia Museum of Art. There are mask forms in the foreground and a suspended quilt in the center of the room.
This is an image of three masks created by Tina Williams Brewer. They resemble African masks, but are made from fabric and quilted.
This is a Tina Williams Brewer quilt. It featured images of children at the top of the page, and hopeful imagery like blooming flowers, birds and water.
This is an exhibition room of Tina Williams Brewer's work on display at the Columbia museum of art. There are manu works of her's featured in the photo and an oversized image of her in the center.
This is a quilt of Tina Williams Brewer. It features symbolism that has a duality of sinister implications and hopefulness for the future. Like the black birds seem to be a symbol of distruction and hope, as does the wild vegetation, it seems to be monstorous and distructive, and hopeful and regenerative.
This is an exhibition room at the CMA of Tina Williams Brewer's show. The walls are purple, there are many works on display, and a quote by her is featured on the wall.
This is a quilt by Tina Williams Brewer that features a figure high above abstract and organic shapes.
This is a creative quilt by Tina Williams Brewer that features a frame that looks like a 19th century window. In the quilt is imagery of black birds, a military officer, and a spider under a doily.
Two CMA visitors are enjoying Tina Williams Brewer's exhibition. They are both in shorts and viewing one of her large quilts.

Tina Williams Brewer, continued:

Primarily hand-quilted, Brewer's artwork incorporates collage mixed-media, such as photo transfers, printmaking, and hand-beading. Each piece is adorned with symbols from African cultures and vibrant patterns that echo cultural and personal narratives, creating intricate, layered compositions that map out her heritage, the African diaspora, and the interconnection of past, present, and future. 


Her creations have found homes in both domestic and international exhibits, including the United States Embassy in Ghana and the American Craft Museum in New York City. Brewer has enjoyed recognition from the American Arts in Embassy Program for over two decades and has received the prestigious Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's Awards for the Arts. Her pieces are also part of the permanent collections at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, and The African American Museum of Dallas. Brewer's recent showcases include the 1-54 Contemporary Art Fair in NYC, selected by Omar Berrada, EXPO Chicago's Curated Selection by Eric Shiner, Christies, Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, "Knotted Ties" at DeBuck Gallery NYC, and "Threaded Memories" at the Untitled Art Fair, Miami Beach, 2021, selected by Natasha Becker, Curator, DeYoung Museum, San Francisco, CA.

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Situated in the vibrant downtown district of Columbia, South Carolina, the Columbia Museum of Art stands as a cultural beacon for the city. Boasting an extensive permanent collection along with intriguing temporary exhibitions, the museum establishes itself as a central hub for community engagement. With a dedication to lifelong learning, it offers comprehensive educational programs tailored for all age groups, from children to adults. Each exhibition is enriched by supplementary programming, emphasizing the museum's commitment to crafting an inclusive and enriching experience for every visitor.

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This is an exhibition image of Tina Williams Brewers work. There are two quilts on the wall that feature a mix of abstract and symbolic imagery from nature.
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