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Greetings, friends - let us help you find the best that South Carolina has to offer!

Welcome to South Carolina Sunshine's Featured Sections, where we celebrate the vibrant and diverse facets of our beautiful state! Our mission is to immerse you in the unique charm and warmth that South Carolina has to offer, showcasing the richness of our community, the arts, and our natural environment.

Our SC People section puts the spotlight on the inspiring individuals who make South Carolina truly special. From community leaders to local heroes, we share their compelling stories and celebrate their achievements, showcasing the unique personalities that bring our state to life.

Within the Outdoors section we guide you through the breathtaking landscapes, parks, and recreational activities that make South Carolina an outdoor lover's paradise. Discover hidden gems and reconnect with nature as you explore the Palmetto State's scenic wonders.

Tailored and curated, our Culture section takes a deep dive, exploring the heart and soul of South Carolina's heritage, arts, and traditions. We focus on contemporary art exhibitions; however, we also feature local festivals and stories that highlight our region's history. We aim to weave a cultural tapestry that defines our state's identity.

Dish with Darcy is your go-to source for mouthwatering culinary adventures! Join our resident foodie, Darcy, as she uncovers the best eateries, local recipes, and gastronomic delights that South Carolina has to offer, providing a delicious taste of our regional cuisine.

Lastly, in Studio Visit, we take you behind the scenes for an intimate glimpse into the workspaces and creative processes of South Carolina artist and USC professor, Dawn Hunter. Learn about her inspirations, techniques, and the stories that shape Dawn's artistic journey.

At South Carolina Sunshine, we believe that every feature is a main course, while our columns, departments, and spotlights provide a delightful assortment of appetizers, sides, and desserts to complement your reading experience. We invite you to explore our Featured Sections and indulge in the diverse flavors of South Carolina. Enjoy!

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Experience South Carolina! - the  inspiration behind our website, we are fueled by the remarkable talents and accomplishments of individuals in the Palmetto state. With a unique blend of art, science, and community service, we've crafted a vision for a site that transcends the ordinary. Browse our online webzine that celebrates and explores the exceptional people, enchanting culture and natural beauty of South Carolina.

This is a portrait of Caroline DeSantis in Charleston, SC.

SC People

Dawn Hunter's SC People section for South Carolina Sunshine™ provides exclusive interviews bi-monthly with notable individuals contributing significantly to their communities throughout the state. From community and business leaders to creatives, each story sheds light on South Carolina's rich diversity and evolving culture. Stay tuned for our following lineup featuring inspiring conversations with engaging artists, entrepreneurs, and educators shaping our present and mapping our future lives. Left, Caroline DeSantis of Fast Doll.

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South Carolina Sunshine™ | Outdoors section is your resource for exploring the stunning landscapes, hiking trails, and outdoor activities in South Carolina. We have organized a collection of must-see places and exciting things to do. Embark on unforgettable adventures and create cherished memories as you experience the natural beauty and charm of South Carolina's great outdoors.


Welcome to South Carolina Sunshine™, your ultimate guide to the vibrant cultural events that make the Palmetto State shine. Our specially catalogued content features an array of exceptional happenings across South Carolina, ensuring you stay informed and inspired. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our state's culture and discover events that capture the essence of South Carolina Sunshine™.

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Dish with Darcy

Join Darcy, Dawn Hunter's vivacious daughter, as she embarks on mouthwatering culinary adventures throughout the Palmetto State. Accompanied by friends, local talent, and a passion for food, Darcy showcases South Carolina's diverse and delectable cuisine. Embrace Darcy's motto, "food prepared is meant to be shared," and savor the scrumptious flavors of our beloved region with Dish with Darcy™.

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Studio Visit

Join artist Dawn Hunter for a Studio Visit. Here you'll journey through her creative world. Explore a captivating photo essays and "Tumblr" page that showcases her past, present, and future projects, reflecting the depth and diversity of her artistic endeavors and gain a unique insight into the creative process of this talented South Carolinian artist

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