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This is a portrait of artist Dawn Hunter's daughter Darcy with her homemade dip.

Darcy's Special

Sour Cream Dip

In the newest "Dish with Darcy" feature, Darcy is whipping up something seriously cool! She's mixed up a super yummy dip using sour cream and cream cheese. 

Darcy has put a lot of thought into this recipe. She meticulously wrote it out, shopped for the ingredients and set up the kitchen. But don't worry, she didn't forget to have some fun! In her kitchen, cooking isn't only about being serious and exact; it's about enjoying every moment.

“Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors—it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.”

– Wolfgang Puck



  • Sour Cream: The star of this recipe. The secret to an ultra-creamy dip with a kick of tanginess. If you prefer, you can replace some or all of the sour cream with Greek yogurt. Be mindful though, this swap will lend the dip a slightly tangier edge.

  • Cream Cheese: Ensure it's at room temperature for effortless blending with the rest of the components. If you've accidentally left it in the fridge, a quick 30-second trip to the microwave can save the day. Just don't forget to remove the packaging beforehand.

  • Mayonnaise: This ingredient works wonderfully to soften the sour cream's tang while lending an additional layer of creaminess to the dip.

  • Green Onions & Herbs: We use fresh green onions, parsley, and dill in this recipe, however not everyone is a fan of fresh dill, so it is encouraged to always select your favorite herbs when making it.

  • Salt & Pepper: These staple seasonings are used to enhance the flavors. Adjust them according to your personal preference.

These are the ingredients to a sour cream dip.
This is a portrait of artist Dawn Hunter's daughter chopping parsley.
This is an image of a sour cream dip in a food processor.
This is a portrait of artist Dawn Hunter's daughter Darcy with pita bread cut in the shapes of cats and dogs.
This is a photo of pita bread cut into creative shapes of cats, dogs and stars.
This is a photo of artist Dawn Hunter's daughter Darcy cutting pita bread into creative shapes like cats and dogs.
This is a portrait of artist Dawn Hunter's daughter Darcy holding pita bread.
This is an image of artist Dawn Hunter's daughter eating sour cream dip with pita bread.
This is a photo of artist Dawn Hunter's daughter Darcy chopping green onions.


  1. Blend the Components: Begin by assembling all of your ingredients in amounts that you prefer in the reservoir of a food processor. Pulse the machine until the ingredients are thoroughly combined and smooth.

  2. Refrigerate: After achieving a consistent mix, transfer the blend to a suitable container. Allow it to cool and set in the refrigerator for a minimum of 30 minutes to enhance the flavors.

  3. Serve and Savor: When ready, serve this delightful cream cheese dip along with a colorful array of freshly chopped veggies, chips, crackers or pita bread - Darcy's favorite. Some great choices include carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower, and sliced bell peppers. Enjoy your homemade dip at your leisure!

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.” – Julia Child



And that's a wrap on the latest feature of "Dish with Darcy!" This is the place where exploring the culinary world becomes a thrilling adventure. Whether it's creating scrumptious cupcakes to show your friends or teachers how much you appreciate them or exploring traditional Southern recipes like fluffy biscuits and crispy baked chicken, Darcy makes sure you're always invited into her kitchen to share in the fun of cooking. Darcy's super yummy, tangy, and creamy dip is sure to make your taste buds party! Stay tuned for more cooking fun on "Dish with Darcy!"

This is a portrait of artist Dawn Hunter's daughter Darcy posing with her sour cream dip recipe for Dish with Darcy.
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